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Default Re: Shannon Marie in Seventeen

Originally Posted by Chad
There would be no event more significant in the plus-size fashion world than if Shannon were to return to modelling. These days, many more full-figured women think of themselves in the manner that she represents: absolutely, unreservedly gorgeous. She was ahead of her time, and today, would be many women's ideal representative.

I agree with both points. Nothing could be more exciting than seeing Shannon Marie come back. And its true that although when she began modelling, many curvy girls were still too self-conscious to think of themselves as goddesses, today there is an entire generation of curvy women - her generation - which has grown up to think of themselves as ultra-gorgeous, and could see in Shannon Marie an idealized version of themselves. She would be the perfect model for today.

Comparing these Seventeen scans to the Fashion Bug ad below, it boggles the mind how much more beautiful she became - and yet she was already the lovelist of models in those Seventeen pages. But how is that possible? How could perfection surpass itself and become more perfect? Here is an analogy: the concept in mathematics of "degrees of infinity."

Although ininity seems to be the ultimate number, if you count infinity in denser incremedits - say, counting not just 1, 2, 3, etc., but 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc. - then that count of infinity is even greater. One infinity is greater than another.

Similarly, by becoming more curvaceous, Shannon Marie improved on perfection.

I dont think any model will ever rival her title of "fairest of all".
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