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Default Re: ''The beautiful white girl''

Originally Posted by HSG
What makes the image so arresting is that while Kailee has an innate quality of girlishness, of delicacy, of fragility and vulnerability, here, with her smouldering glance, and with the unabashed display of her person, she reveals her wilder side ... It is not that she is dangerous, but that she seems to be courting danger that makes her so riveting, for one senses that she is deliberately putting herself in dire peril so that her admirer will save and protect her.

This is an interesting point. The typical casting choice that one would expect for an outfit like this would be a so-called "exotic-looking" model (brunette, tanned, etc). But choosing Kailee made the picture much more interesting, because of her quality of softness.

The effect of having a fair-skinned, Nordic girl in a primitive context creates a fascinating blend of opposites: the embodiment of civilization dressed in a primeval garb. She does seem vulnerable, even though her stance is confident -- a damsel who doesn't realize that she is (or could be) in distress. She is merely "playing" at wildness, a kittenish vixen who doesn't realize how dangerous her environment really is, and who needs to be defended from the genuinely menacing creatures of the veldt.
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