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Default Barbara: Reitmans, Winter 2008

After a somewhat lacklustre fall campaign clothing-wise, it's wonderful to see Reitmans create a really gorgeous holiday collection featuring Barbara Brickner.

Barbara looks gorgeous in these pictures, largely because she's wearing her hair very long now. In fact, I think this is the longest hairstyle I've ever seen on her, and she definitely makes the most of it.

I love this photo, in which she's playing with her tresses. It's a very vain pose, which I adore. Not crazy about the slacks, but the sleeveless top is very pretty.

Many of the pictures are admirably size-positive. Here you get a sense of the fullness of the model's midsection.

Barbara looks very buxom here. Great eye-catching fit.

She always looks so comfortable with her full figure. Again, you can see a curvy waist and abdomen. Nice neckline on the top, which has a satin trim. It would be nice to see it without the cardigan.

There are several more photos at the Reitmans site (which I've linked). I'll post one more here - a picture I love because it accentuates the hips. And just look at how loooong Barbara's tresses are. They cascade in such a pretty way, completely transforming her beauty.

I hope she keeps the length for future shoots.

All in all, a great campaign from probably the most longstanding and successful client/model pairing in the industry.
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