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Default Re: Crystal Renn on the runway for Gaultier

Oh my goodness, that dress is so gorgeous and feminine, it deserves to be called a work of art. And I am amazed at how beautiful Crystal looks in these images. She looks so much more womanly here than in her recent Nordstrom images. Was Nordstrom adjusting those pictures, or has Crystal regained some of the curves that she may have lost, of late? No matter what, she looks glorious here -- like the very personficiation of springtime, especially with those flowers adorning that dress.

I would have to say that we are all so lucky that it turned out this way. The designer, like any modern artist, could have made Crystal look strange, in modernistic attire, or weird makeup. But instead, he allowed her to look beautiful. I respect him very much for that. And the "voluptuous volume" hairstyle completes the look so well.

It's all so lovely, in a truly timeless way, that I almost can't believe it's real. If I were to imagine the perfect "debut" of a true plus-size model on the Paris runway, it could scarcely be different than this.
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