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Default Kelsey channelling Cybill Shepherd

I am so happy to hear that the diet promotions are gone from Figure. I was appalled and disgusted to hear that they appeared in the previous issue, and as a consequence I refused to even look at it on the news-stands, let alone purchase it.

Thank goodness this issue is free of such rubbish, because Kelsey's editorial is truly gorgeous. Four of her pages are now online at the Figure site, which I always enjoy visiting because it shows the pictures sans text.

The image that I really love is this one. I adore the colour of the dress, the plunging neckline, Kelsey's magnificent hairstyle -- everything.

Does she remind anyone else of Cybill Shepherd in Moonlighting in this photo? I remember Maddie Hayes's wardrobe was always very much like this -- sexy, figure-hugging dresses, with a light jacket on top. The hairstyle also recalls Maddie's style.

Cybill also had a somewhat curvy body, at least for a TV actress. And the character that she played on Moonlighting was a former model: vain, feminine, and vulnerable -- a real woman in every way -- so she is a perfect character for Figure to "quote" in a plus-size editorial.
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