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Default Re: Kailee for Simply Be

Oh, WOW. Effy, what an incredible discovery! Thank you.

I am completely blown away by this exciting campaign. Four major clothing lines, each coming with a full-length runway video showing Kailee modelling the fashions.

I have to say, Kailee looks more gorgeous here than ever before. Her luscious beauty is more evident in these thrilling videos than in any still photos.

Effy's link presents three Simply Be collections:


Silent Screen:


And don't miss another new collection for the holiday season, called Best Dressed:

Each one comes with a Kailee video. Click the speaker button while the video plays to engage audio accompanimnt- it enhances the experience.

These are by far the best product videos I've ever seen. No other current model besides Christina Schmidt is as exciting to watch in motion as Kailee is. Fans will swoon when they see all of the fascinating looks, glances, expressions, and movements that she does as she walks.

The videos are also very sensual. Kailee is quite buxom, and for once, the clothing celebrates this aspect of her lovely figure.

Simply Be has outdone itself with this campaign- and what a triumph for Kailee in every way.
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