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Default Re: Kailee for Simply Be

I have never seen videos used as effectively or extensively in a fashion campaign as in this case. Each of the Kailee videos is like a variation on her original Ford promotional video, which was a sparkling masterpiece. She even has the same hair colour here that she did in that clip, and it looks terrific on her.

Four full-length videos, or 32 individual clips. I love all of them, and have viewed them many times, both to see the cothing and to watch all of Kailees fascinating motions and expressions. She does things with her eyes that are so captivating that I cant even begin to describe them. You have to see them - sexy, flirty glances that drive men wild, I bet.

Here are some of my favourites:

Maxi Dress:
I love how it bares the shoulders and arms.

Jersey Poppy Print Dress
Watch the commotion in Kailees figure as she moves. Nice styling touch, the ribbon in her hair.

Silk Dip Dye Dress
A very alluring display of cleavage. Like many of the pieces, this looks like it was made especially for her body.

Jersey Longline Cardigan
I never guessed a cardigan could be so sexy. Its all about how it wraps close to her buxom curves.

Floral Print Kimono Dress
Even her legs look full here, which is not always the case.

Jersey Bell Sleeve Dress
Another amazing item for a voluptuous figure.

Sequin Tiered Dress
Especially deep decolletage.

Those are the best items in terms of how curve-accentuating they are. Many of the other videos show even more alluring expressions and glances, and in some cases, Simply Be lengthens the clips by showing certain sections in slow motion, so that the viewer catches the subtleties of Kailees performances. Simply Be obviously realized just how brilliant a star they have in Kailee, and made the most of it.
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