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Default Re: My interview with . . . Whitney Thompson

After reading this interview, I have more respect for Whitney than ever. I LOVE her attitude and her determination not to surrender to the thin-supremacist fashion establishment. I hope she maintains her resolve. As she says, "Failure is not an option."

Her points about the effect of cultural environment are so important. She was fortunate to have been raised in a family that saw through media rubbish and had a natural view of beauty. Many girls are not so lucky. (I feel so sorry for the girls who, as Whitney says, have moms who are tyrannical about their weight.) That makes it even MORE important for fashion and the media NOT to be a negative influence on these girls, the way it is now, since they are so vulnerable.

Loved this quote:
The people that they're selling the clothes to donít like seeing skeletons walk down the runway in their clothes.
YES. And this was reconfirmed by the article that was just posted on the forum, which proved once again that full-figured models would actually sell clothing better than skinny models, if full-figured models were used in fashion advertising.

If we said "normal" and called skinny girls, you know, "freakishly-skinny models," then I think that would help.
If only girls would understand this! The media & fashion industries create a warped idea of what is "normal", because they only ever use underweight models and actresses. But those anorexic models are actually abnormal - abnormal to the point of being sick. Plus-size and full-figured models and actresses are the only truly normal ones (and even they are below the national average).

Whitney has done as much good with her interviews as she did by winning the show. We need more people speaking out, the way she does.
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