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Default Re: My interview with . . . Whitney Thompson

This interview also shows, in a way that no interview has demonstrated before, how witty and intelligent Whitney is. Her comments about body image and the media are very perceptive, especially when she notes how easily swayed most people are by what they see on TV. That's why the fashion industry's artificial standard of appearance is so toxic - because girls do internalize it.

It's also wonderful to hear a model finally come out against the fashion industry's ridiculous worship of "angles." Let's face facts: angles are not a natural body shape. Curves are. The only way to create "angles" is by distorting the body into an unnatural form - and that's where diet-starvation/exercise-torture rears its ugly head. It's time for the "angles" fad to end, once and for all, and to get back to a celebration of curves. She's so right about that.

This comment deserves a round of applause:

Even though I definitely had [moments] where I cried, and was very sad, and was sick of the competition, I thought, "No, failure is not an option."

Brave girl. ANTM knew what it was doing when it put her through hell, because Tyra knew that a plus-size winner would be raked over the coals by the anti-plus fashion world. ANTM needed to make sure that Whitney had the inner strength not to fold, not to succumb, but to stand up to the fashion establishment and win.

Incidentally, from the male perspective, I have to say that this is one of the most seductive lines I've ever read in print:

I would bake cookies, and have all the girls decorate them with icing...and then I would eat them. [giggles softly]

Remember that subversive advertising slogan, "Sexy girls have dessert?" It makes the heart flutter to think of that mantra being put into practice...
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