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Default Princess Fashion Trend

I was reading the interview with Whitney Thompson today and noticed what she said about her choice in clothing style:

"I like girly clothes. I really like Juicy Couture. I love ruffles, and...fluffy, girly, comfy stuff."

Her preference for fun, feminine styles reminded me of an article I read in the Wall Street Journal about "princess fashion" in Japan. Here's a snippet, and the full article can be found here:

"Ms. Yamamoto is a hime gyaru, or princess girl, a growing new tribe of Japanese women who aim to look like sugarcoated, 21st-century versions of old-style European royalty. They idolize Marie Antoinette and Paris Hilton, for her baby-doll looks and princess lifestyle...."

Whitney would be the perfect model to showcase this style, if a North American or European fashion magazine ever did an editorial on the trend.
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