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Default Re: Kailee for Simply Be

The videos are so enchanting that it's easy to overlook the fact that there are some beautiful still images of Kailee at Simply Be as well.

This Jersey Rose Trim Tunic picture has very dramatic lighting.

She looks quite buxom in this Floral Print Kimono:

Lace always looks pretty on a fairy-tale beauty like Kailee. Such vivid eyes.

This Jersey Bow Dress picture shows off her curvy legs.

But no doubt about it, the videos steal the show.

The ones posted above are the best at revealing her figure, but here are a few that I enjoy for other reasons.

Watch the captivating glance that she throws at the camera when modelling this Trapeze Coat:

Her eyes have a thrillingly self-adoring, "I'm better than you" look in this Sequin Tunic vid:

Watch all of the slow-motion in this Jersey Tunic clip. I'll bet the Simply Be producer fell in love with her.

This Jersey Bow Dress video shows the same item as in the picture above, except that the bow stands out more against the red dress. It's a terrific detail.

This video has a distinctively English touch - Kailee models with a cane!

And this Floral Tea Dress clip is delightful. It's a very feminine piece - I love the sash - and watch how Kailee coyly brushes her hair awy from her face.

What a beautiful campaign, perfectly suited to this oh-so-pretty model.

Thank you, Effy, for discovering it.
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