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Default Re: My interview with . . . Whitney Thompson

All of the questions and answers were fascinating, but the most important ones were the first two: will she sell out to diet companies, and will she diminish her figure. Thank God she answered "no" to both. The plus-size community has been betrayed many times before, but perhaps it can put its faith in her. Let's hope.

I found the interview surprisingly touching. It broke my heart when I read about how Whitney hears from young girls whose mothers are demeaning them about their size. It shouldn't be that way! Mothers should protect and defend their daughters, and make them feel good about themselves. They should never hurt their feelings like that. It seems like the worst kind of violation of a mother-daughter bond. I'm glad that Whitney does what she can to assuage their pain, but still - shame on any mothers who treat their daughters this way.

The interview also humanized Whitney a great deal. I empathized with her when she said how difficult it was for her to watch the show - that it even gave her anxiety attacks.

And I agree that the moment when she cried in panel during the last episode (which was altogether one of the most affecting hours of television I've ever seen) was very beautiful. I cried too while watching the episode - at that point, and when she won. It was a wonderful event.
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