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Default Re: Whitney: C11 finale & CG ad #11

Originally Posted by HSG
Whitney's CoverGirl commercials surpassed anyone's hopes. They displayed stunning cinematography worthy of a feature film, and were shot in gorgeous locations whose natural beauty harmonized perfectly with the model's own timeless charms. Moreover, the company filmed Miss Thompson in an attractive and size-positive way.
I agree. Whitney's CoverGirl series comprised one masterpiece after another, and were just probably the most beautiful half-minutes of film I've ever seen on television.

It really is a pity that Whitney isn't fuller-figured. If she was, she'd be just about perfect as a plus-size model. The idea that the fashion world resists even her size, which is very thin, is ludicrous.

By the way, I know that everyone here prefers classical music, but I like the fact that Whitney's last CoverGirl commercial had as its soundtrack a cover of "I Melt with You," but Modern English - a song that is wistful and, in its own way, quite sweet. Say what you will, but popular music in the early 1980s was almost tolerable (something it wasn't before, and hasn't been since). It was relatively melodic, and some of the early music videos of the time were quite creative.
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