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Default Lindsey Garbelman: Goddess

Fans of popular full-figured model Lindsey Garbelman will be thrilled to hear (and we are delighted to report) that Lindsey has just been signed with Model Service Agency in New York, in their plus-size "Goddess" division--which is so very aptly named.

Lindsey, who is also represented by Dorothy Combs in Miami, is popular for her exotic looks and seductive camera persona, and especially for her genuinely curvaceous figure: 38d-37-45--one of the most luscious waist measurements of any working model.

To celebrate, we have a special treat to share with fans: two pages from the Aurora Formals 2008 promwear book. This company has consistently produced, with Lindsey, some of the most gorgeous images in the industry, and last year's campaign, in which Lindsey was joined by Kelsey Olson, was a high-water mark. But these scans are from the actual print catalogue, which most fans have never seen until now.

Here are Lindsey and Kelsey looking adorable on the cover:

And here is an especially sweet and tender page from inside the catalogue. These two angels compliment each other very well--the delicate, fair beauty and the exotic, dark beauty--and there is something inexpressibly sensual about seeing two well-fed young girls with such soft, feminine figures leaning heavily on one another.

The news of Lindsey's signing also represents a notable success for MSA, which has lacked a superstar model ever since Megan Garcia emigrated to Wilhelmina.

We wish Lindsey the very best success with her new agency, and look forward to seeing her in many exciting future campaigns.

- Lindsey gallery
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