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Default Re: Crystal Renn on the runway for Gaultier

I think you could also compare the re-emergence of Persephone to Crystals own rebirth - from the death-like (and potentially fatal) starvation of her straight-size modelling career, to her luscious and healthy beauty today.

I adore these images of Crystal at the show. I agree with Emily - you could not have asked for a better first-time appearance of a plussize model at a major runway show. Its perfect. She is more inspiring here than at any time since her spring Lane Bryant photos. You can see clearly she does not have wiry arms or a waspish waist, but beautifully full limbs and, when she smiles, a rounded chin. (I have never seen a model whose beauty is so transformed when she smiles.) And thank goodness for that, because the designer could have just used a faux-plus model. Instead he chose a gorgeous one, and gave her the perfect dress to show off her figure.

And that dress itself is so symbolicaly appropriate. Crystal is blossoming, like the world in full bloom.
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