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Default Re: Kelsey: Intimate beauty

Courtesy of Dorothy Combs, here is one more image from this test series, and it is a particularly beautiful one.

The lighting is highly dramatic, and reminds one of classic Hollywood cinematography. Kelsey's fair skin is luminescnet. Like a silver-screen starlet, she seems lit from within. Those baby blue eyes have never looked more angelic--a quality that is reinfoced by the heavenly tresses flowing over her shoulders. Her expression, with lips slightly parted, is magical--vulnerable, yielding, yet appetitive and sensual as well. Note the intensely attractive feature of Kelsey's dimpled knuckles, placed in the centre of the frame as the highlight of the image's beauty.

No currently active model epitomizes softness and femininity as perfectly as Kelsey does. So helpless, and in need of protection--an effect that inspires the noblest chivalric reactions and greatest artistic inspiration in all who gaze upon her.

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