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Default Re: Barbara Brickner at The Bon-Ton

Here's a very exciting addition to Barbara's Bon-Ton campaign: two sexy new dresses.

This is always where Barbara really shines- showing off dresses. You need to have a truly full, womanly figure to make dresses look good, and Barbara excels. Terrific pose too.

Here's the other dress. My, my, I think Barbara is prompting The Bon-Ton to become much more fashionable.

Barbara also appears in a whole series of cozy sweaters.

She looks quite buxom here. Yes, sweaters can be sexy!

Very interesting colour here:

Fiery red! o

I like the dramatic pose here:

A smile as warm as her outfit:

Cowlneck sweater in amber. Cute expression:

Just for fun, here's another new item modelled by Barbara, a fleece vest. o

Oh, and here's one more sweater. I'm not crazy about the pattern.
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