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Default Re: Marritt, full of Grace

We are delighted to have several more images to share from this test.

The first photo, below, is very direct and alluring. There is nothing coy about the model's demeanour here--this is an open invitation, a bold display. Even the boots are provocative, and the fitted dress shows off her every curve. The belt rides high, too narrow to encompass Marritt's luxurious waist, and especially, her rounded abdomen. The model knows precisely how defined her figure is in this outfit--and this self-awareness intensifies her allure. Her expression indicates an absolute certainty of conquest.

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This closer view shows Marritt adopting her faraway gaze. With the scarf covering the model's bust, the viewer's attention is drawn to the sensual swell of her abdomen, and the way in which the belt presses into her figure. The styling is an interesting blend of effects--the dress very contemporary, the shawl much more traditional. Again, Marritt updates the persona of a lady waiting for the return of her sailor-beloved. One imagines what thoughts pass through her mind as she plays with her hair, and narrows her eyes seductively.

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And finally, here is one further picture continuing the seaside theme. Notice the colour complements--the blue and red playing off against each other much as the green and rust hues do in the previous photo. The business of playing with the rope is a clever touch, and Marritt's expression is very becoming.

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It is always a pleasure to see more stunning images from this popular rising star.

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