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Default Re: Kailee for Simply Be

Originally Posted by MelanieW
Jersey Poppy Print Dress
Watch the commotion in Kailees figure as she moves. Nice styling touch, the ribbon in her hair.

Simply Be now has a number of more creative pictures of Kailee in several of these outfits. For example, here's the new picture for the poppy dress:

The most gorgeous of the new pictures is this photo for the Prom Dress. WOW. Kailee looks soooo beautiful here - and she knows it too. When you first see this dress you think "Ohmigod, it's strapess" but no, that's a nude fabric. Still absolutely gorgeous though, and it is sleeveless.

Here's what everybody really wants to see though - the VIDEO for the prom dress:

The product page:

One more new creative photo - "Dress with Macrame Detail," this is called:

And the most important thing - the video:

Product page:

I can't stop watching these Simply Be videos. They're just amazing. Kailee is amazing.
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