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Default Re: My interview with . . . Whitney Thompson

There was a nice piece in the news today about a publicity appearance by Whitney at a New York fashion boutique. Here's the link:

And a photo:

I love reading about the positive impact that she's having on young women:

For teen girls like Julia Selig, 15, meeting "America's Next Top Model" winner Whitney Thompson was a real thrill, since most celebrity models are gauntly thin.

"She's gorgeous and she has a positive body image," Selig said.
These girls as so fortunate to be able to define beauty in plus-size terms, thanks to Whitney's celebrity status.

I'm always delighted that Whitney openly and unashamedly talks about her love of food:

While shuttling between the East Coast and Los Angeles every week, Thompson said she often misses her family and down-home cooking.

"Mashed potatoes, biscuits and gravy, chicken and dumplings," she said with a laugh. "I even got my family to ship me a 6-pound bag of Bisquick."

And Whitney never fails to point out the fallacy of anorexia-worship:

Village resident Dave Osborn took his two daughters and their friend to meet the top model and praised her for becoming a role model for girls.

"The average model looks like she is about to drop from starvation," he said, "which is not a healthy ideal."

Thank goodness Whitney is providing an alternative to the fashion world's toxic standard of appearance.
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