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Default Re: Marritt, full of Grace

Exciting new work by Marritt at Igigi.

First, she appears in a lovely Christmas-themed cover page on the site:

Second, and more importantly, there's a delightful new large-format video on the site of Marrit showing off Igigi's "Gala Collection."

Besides the sensual footage of Marritt displaying Igigi's dresses, the video exhibits clever styling and accessories. Marritt is shown flirting with masques and fans, as if she were a contessa at a 19th-century ball.

Best of all, the music in the background is the Brindisi, the famous "Drinking Song" from Verdi's La Traviata.

It all makes for a heady celebration of food, wine, and song - a luxurious ambience that suits Marritt's voluptuous demeanour perfectly. She appears like a vixen who has lived the good life, who is proud of the generous figure that her self-indulgence has given her, and doesn't mind showing it off in fitted, revealing dresses.

It's Igigi's and Marritt's best video yet - a must-see:
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