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Originally Posted by HSG
BIGGEST MISTAKE TODAY: Internalizing the standards of the staight-size industry and applying them to plus-size modelling and plus-size fashion. [...] all standards that are size-specific are not only not applicable to plus-size models, but even harmful. Full-figured beauty is based on softness, rather than hardness.

The error is in trying to make plus-size models look like straight-size models. They are not. (Thank goodness.) And the less straight-size they look, the better.

This is such an important point, and so often overlooked.

One of the main impediments to achieving change in the fashion industry is its self-censorship in terms of participation - that is, who is drawn to it, and who is kept away.

I always found this essay germane to the topic:

The point is that while there may have been people in past centuries who aesthetically preferred emaciation, they didn't go into fashion, so they couldn't corrupt the culture.

Today, on the other hand, the situation has flipped. Today, those anorexia-worshippers are wholly dominant in the industry, while the people who prefer full-figured beauty (and I absolutely do believe they're the majority) are the ones who don't go into fashion. The curve-admirers know that modern fashion has become the exclusive domain of the skeletor club, so they don't even voice their opinions about it, let alone getting involved at the professional/creative level.

This leaves the proponents of starvation as basically the exclusive voice in the industry. These like-minded individuals share their opinions with one another, leading to inbred thinking that reinforces itself and ignores the rest of society.

Or to put it another way, the people who enter fashion professionally these days are the few who actually like the sickening look of Vogue and its models, not those who despise it. These newcomers then reproduce the emaciated aesthetic that they grew up with. And that draws in the next generation. And so it goes, on and on, "machines making machines," like an assembly-line of taste.

Not until you have more people participating in fashion and the media whose ideal is Classical, not modern, will things turn around, because those people will push aside the androgynous look and advance the timeless ideal - which the personalities who currently run the fashion industry cannot recognize or appreciate, and therefore suppress.
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