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Originally Posted by M. Lopez
the people who enter fashion professionally these days are the few who actually like the sickening look of Vogue and its models, not those who despise it...

Not until you have more people participating in fashion and the media whose ideal is Classical, not modern, will things turn around

This is a serious problem in fashion as a whole, but frustratingly, it's a problem even in the plus-size part of the industry.

Because the full-figure sector isn't signifcant enough for many people to specialize in it, most of the professionals who end up working in plus-size fashion are usually NOT there because that's been their one and only dream. No, they tend to be people who got into fashion with a Vogue mindset, but ended up working for full-figured clients by happenstance, or by default- just because that's the job that happened to be available when they were looking for work.

(I doubt any plus-size companies specifically ask potential employees about their attitudes towards full-figured beauty, or their aesthetic preferences- it wouldn't even occur to them to do so.)

So naturally, these new hires bring their anti-plus, pro-androgyny bias with them, and apply that anti-feminine aesthetic to the plus-size part of the industry. And they then hire the next generation; so the problem perpetuates itself.

The results are awful: genuinely feminine beauty isn't favoured (even in this field, where it should be most appreciated), while androgyny is misguidedly applied. The result: faux-plus models with skinny-ish facial features are usually booked; or curvy models who are shot in ways to diminish their softness and fullness. The results please no one.

What the plus-size fashion industry needs is professionals who, yes, have the proper credentials, but who also have a specific preference for Classical beauty as opposed to modern emaciation. Then the industry would really be able to promote an alternative ideal, and would begin to wean people off of their Vogue brainwashing.
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