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Originally Posted by HSG
THE BIGGEST MYTH: That material conditions are somehow responsible for so-called beauty "trends," and that therefore thinness is idolized because it is "rare." This is the most colossal stupidity. First of all, there are underweight women everywhere. Second, just think about it: When you look at a woman, do you decide if she's beautiful based on how "rare" her look is? No. No one does. People with specific deformities are "rare" too, but they are not turned into beauty icons. And if women as lovely as Lillian Russell were ten times more common, would they be any less beautiful? No. Men would simply fall in love ten times as often.

I'd agree - this probably IS the biggest myth, and the most ridiculous one at that. From the peasant class to the nobility, both full-figured women and thin women have been plentiful throughout history.

Besides, it's not rareness, but familiarity that prompts attraction. Very often, when you're attracted to someone, it's because she reminds you of someone else - perhaps a younger/prettier version of that someone, but still, the same physical qualities that attract you to one girl will attract you to another girl who possesses the same qualities.

But let's not kid ourselves. The fashion elites haven't carefully formulated this or any of the falsehoods that they spew to try to justify their starvation standard. These are all just their political talking points. The know that their real reasons for pushing the modern look ((a) a resentment-based contempt for femininity, (b) an aesthetic fetish for androgyny, and (c) a feminist political agenda) are unpalatable to society, so they make up excuses to deflect criticsm away from themselves. And sadly, a good portion of the public is duped into buying these lies.
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