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Default Re: Fair skin = healthy beauty

This is another shining example of how the timeless ideal of beauty differentiates itself from the modern standard of appearance for women.

Today's aesthetic rules are largely propagated by soulless corporations (the diet-starvation and exercise-torture conglomerates, as well as the tanning industry), whose only purpose is to part women from their money, regardless of the harm that they inflict.

By contrast, the Classical mode of appearance that was favoured throughout Western history, up until the 20th century, evolved naturally over the centuries in harmony with women's health.

Just as it is healthier for women to be well-nourished and well-fed (hence the admiration of generously-proportioned figures), so, society is now discovering, is it healthier for women to avoid the sun and to preserve their fair complexions.

Throughout Western history, beauty and health went hand in hand; the latter was a consequence of the former. It is no coincidence that the upending of timeless mode of feminine appearance has spawned such devastating illnesses (eating disorders, skin cancer, etc.), since the modern standard of beauty is a point-for-point inversion of the Classical ideal.

If timeless beauty were restored, then health would return with it.

Kelsey Olson (modelling for Torrid) exhibiting the delicately fair, peaches-and-cream complexion that is the hallmark of true femininity:

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