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Default Re: Charlotte Coyle: size 16/18

Fans will be delighted to know that Charlotte is now listed as a full size 16/18 at the Wilhelmina site (see e-card, below), up from a 14/16. The increased fullness agrees with her. Indeed, although we frequently note that true plus-size models should begin at a size 14, at Miss Coyle's height a model should be at least a size 16/18 in order to exhibit full, luscious proportions.

Charlotte is one of the most beautiful and exciting plus-size models of all time, and one of the most popular with the public as well. It is tragic that she hasn't been as visible in the U.K. as fans wish. Her Marks & Spencer campaign constituted the most acclaimed work of 2007. We continue to hope that a forward-thinking retailer will enlist her services and create more extraordinary images of Classical beauty--which she so perfectly embodies.

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