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Default Re: Skinny models don't sell (study)

The fact that this information likely surprises the majority of the populace is undeniable, but regrettable, since--if one looks at the matter objectively, and frees oneself from modern media brainwashing,--it should be a self-evident truth.

After all, the point of fashion advertising is (ostensibly) to promote clothing, and full-figured goddesses indisputably make the outfits that they model more appealing than do underweight waifs.

Consider the following test photos of Ford N.Y. beauty Ivana (a size 16--and she looks it). What makes these images so striking, apart from the model's magnificent tresses, are the glorious contours of her well-nourished figure. She stands proudly, in a position of unabashed display, her curves focussing the viewer's eye on her attractive wardrobe. Her body doesn't "distract" from the clothing--it draws attention to it. On a flat-chested model, this would be just a standard, boring white top. But thanks to the way in which Ivana's figure gives it shape, it becomes an alluring item.

Notice how the closely-fitted skirt emphasizes her shapely hips and the rondeur of her abdomen. The model's curves are what arrest viewers' notice, engaging them, making them focus on the picture as they would not if the same outfit were presented on a size-0 skeleton.

Deidrich's and Dittmar's research has confirmed what is obvious to any unbiased, unbrainwashed observer: plus-size models are more effective at modelling than their underweight rivals. They make fashions more attractive, and provide greater stimulus for customers to purchase the garments on display.

Add to this the social benefits that plus-size models have (in boosting women's body image), and there is simply no defensible reason for clients to be using minus-size models, who damage women's body image and cause potentially fatal eating disorders.

Clients should voluntarily cease using underweight models immediately, and enlist plus-size goddesses in their stead; and if they don't, then government intervention to bring this about is both warranted and necessary.
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