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Default Re: Crystal Renn on the runway for Gaultier

Originally Posted by kirsten
But when looking at the pictures of her walking with Gaultier, I also can't help but compare Crystal to Cinderella, the true-hearted girl who wore the most beautiful dress and was noticed by the prince.
Here is an image from the show that vividly reinforces Kirsten's "Cinderella" notion. In fact, this may be the most delightful photograph from the event. If the world currently possessed a great plus-size magazine, this image would surely appear on the cover.

There is something so fitting about seeing one of the top designers in the world, part of the elite that has suppressed full-figured femininity for so long, now paying homage to timeless beauty--and, in fact being so profoundly inspired by it.

Jean-Paul Gaultier as Prince Charming--who would have believed it? This is a shining testament to the power of true beauty.

The photographs from the show ably demonstrate why Crystal is such a marvellous plus-size model. Thanks to her non-Amazonian height (5'9), her proportions are ideally Classical, rather than the elongated look that has been the fashion in the modern age:

And like Barbara, Charlotte, and Christina, she is proudly demonstrating that all curves are beautiful, not merely the ones that plastic surgeons mimic in Hollywood celebrities.

We must also give the designer specific credit for the utterly brilliant move of laying straw down on the runway. Gaultier has experimented with folkloric designs before; for example, in this marvellous piece from his haute couture collection, earlier this year:

But note how jarring the contrast is between the cold black reflective surface of the floor, and that gorgeous organic skirt. It very nearly reduces the outfit to costume.

And since staging a fashion show outdoors was presumably a logistic impossibility, Gaultier did the next-best thing, and brought the outdoors inside.

In so doing, he gave his folkloric collection a context, and seen in its proper environment, the results are simply breathtaking.

A few seasons ago, who would have ever thought that high fashion could experience a creative resurrection, rediscover beauty, and bring it to the contemporary world in such a dramatic way? And yet all this is coming to pass.

It is thrilling to watch this aesthetic restoration unfold . . .

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