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Default Re: Princess Fashion Trend

Originally Posted by HSG
It is easy to see why the storybook princess of the Western aristocratic tradition provides the inspiration for this trend. She is the ideal embodiment of femininity: breathtakingly beautiful, adorably spoiled, uncontrollably self-indulgent, sensually indolent, pampered, vain, yet secretly vulnerable and needy--craving constant praise and flattery, thriving on adoration. Her figure is soft and very well fed, free of unfeminine muscle "tone," shaped to perfection by the natural curves of soft fullness. She is the ultimate dream-girl, everything that any man could ever want, and her suitor could ask for no greater reward than to be able to lavish on her the constant worship that she requires.

I agree wholeheartedly. Plus-size girls are today's princesses, and this fashion trend suits them perfectly, highlighting their true nature. When I look at that picture of Kelsey, I know that I am seeing who she really is -- or would have been, in a better time.

Of many recent developments in fashion, this "princess trend" is by far my favourite. I'd love to see it proliferate in full-figure fashion in 2009.
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