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Default Re: The world as it should be

Despite my disappointment at how thin the models in these ads are (I wish the pictures featured plus-size models instead!), this is one of my favourite posts from 2008. It really shows what a better world might look like, and how it would think about women and body image (i.e., in a much saner way than we do today).

It doesn't surprise me that the 1950s were the lone decade in the 20th century when curvy figures almost made a comeback. Women were interested in being women again, after the deprivation of the war years. The suffragette movement was over, and feminism hadn't yet reared its ugly head. Society was, for a while, closer to a natural mode than it ever would be again.

Incidentally, although they weren't truly full-figured, the most attractive actresses of the 1950s were quite shapely. Look at this Life magazine photo of the gorgeous Kim Novak. See how beautifully untoned her soft legs are. It's a truly feminine look, which you would never see in the media today (more's the pity).

It really was a better world in the 1950s -- and in every century before the 20th -- aesthetically and culturally.
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