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Default Re: Crystal Renn on the runway for Gaultier

I'm especially glad that the dress showed off Crystal's lovely arms, as they are perhaps her most attractive features. And there seems to be a profound symbolism in how Gaultier so revently kissed Crystal's hand at the end of the show.

There was a nice article about the whole event at I don't know if you need to be logged in to read it, but here's the link -

It concluded with the following observtion -

"The biggest surprise for all was the finale, a plus-size model wearing a Jean Paul Gaultier gown. Is this another message from the Paris-based designer?

It is no secret that in the U.S., plus sized clothing is one of the fastest growing segments of the fashion industry. Established houses in the U.S. like Tommy Hilfiger had been catering to it for several years now. But no French fashion house has ever delved into this market.

If Jean Paul Gaultier decides to accommodate this market, he will be making history once again, as he had done before with being the first Paris-based designer to fully utilize the power of the Internet."
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