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Default Re: Kelsey for Alfred Angelo

One suspects that Alfred Angelo realizes full well what magic they have created with Miss Olson in this campaign.

The Spring/Summer 2009 issue of Today's Bride magazine contains a second full-page ad featuring Kelsey, along with another bridesmaid image.

Again, the model looks exquisitely soft and angelic, but whereas in the previous ad her demeanour was serene, here she is playful and whimsical--a child-bride, a girl as much as a woman.

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With the flowers in her hand, a divan of grass beneath her feet, and the seacoast behind her, this image is the essence of femininity--the blooms and the ocean being ancient emblems of womanhood. (One remember the Greek myth of Venus arising from the sea.) Her arms are round and full; no bones or angles are visible--all is perfect softness. No design could possibly be as flattering on a decolletage-rich model as this embroidered bustier--simultaneously elegant and alluring.

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But her expression is adorably juvenile and fun. She allows herself to be capricious in the way that a delicate princess can only be when she is safely under the protection of a powerful spouse; someone she can toy with, and be petulant with, knowing that his devotion is unshakable, and that she can do with him as she pleases.

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The bridesmaid image too shows Kelsey's kittenish side. Her enthusiasm is infectious--that big open-mouthed smile awakens joy in the viewer's heart. The fair tresses glowing in the sunlight give her a natural radiance. The emerald greed behind her contrasts vividly with her ruby-coloured dress.

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Miss Olson looks beautiful in anything she wears, but when she dons bridal/bridesmaid apparel, she becomes who she really is--or who she may have been, in a nobler age than our own: an Anglo-Saxon princess about whom legends were told, who inspired works of art, and compelled the sincerest devotion. Warriors fought for her love. Suitors died in her name.

If more plus-size models with beauty such as Kelsey's were to make an appearance in popular culture, we would soon see a rebirth of art and myth.

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