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Default Re: Crystal Renn on the runway for Gaultier

I love the image posted a bit earlier in this thread, which looks like it has the most natural light. It shows that Crystal had really fair features for this event, and had just a trace of a natural flush. That look really fit the theme of the show, esp. the flowers, and contrasted nicely with her hair.

In a couple articles I read about the show, the writer said that "for his finale, [Gaultier featured] a milky-skinned woman of rounder proportions than the usual twiggy models." And I thought that was a really nice way of putting it.

I haven't liked many of Crystal's Torrid covers so far, but I do like the new one, showing off a Halloween costume:

It shows off her fair skin and beautiful, full arms.

Still, looking at the Gaultier pics, I wish Torrid had presented Crystal in as timelessly beautiful a way as he did.
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