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Default Re: Kelsey for Alfred Angelo

There really is no question that Kelsey Olson is the most beautiful model working in the industry today. This stunning campaign for Alfred Angelo is unlikely to be surpassed as the loveliest campaign of 2009. It confirms Kelsey's identity as a fairy-tale princess brought to life, and offers us a vision of sacred beauty more rapturous than anything the human imagination can conjure.

Besides obtaining the bridal magazines in which the above tear sheets appear, fans of Miss Olson will also wish to order the 2009 bridesmaid catalogue from Alfred Angelo, which includes a full-page version of the attractive picture of Kelsey in a scarlet gown that appeared earlier in this thread, at a smaller size.

Click to enlarge

It is not possible to imagine a more gorgeous photograph than this. Kelsey's thick, luxuriant tresses, gilded by the sun, spill over her bare back. Her skin looks wondrously soft, as if it would yield to the touch. (Note particularly the alluring fullness of her neck.) The magnificent curve of her bust introduces a womanly element into a picture that is otherwise so angelic. The flowers behind her are in glorious bloom, as if all of nature were offering her a bouquet to match her full-blown beauty, paying tribute to her as the good Lord's most splendid creation.

Click to enlarge

If there is a heaven, this picture is the closest that we will ever come to glimpsing it during our mortal lives, and Kelsey herself is the supreme incarnation of feminine beauty--soft, gentle, sumptuously well-fed, and very, very fair.

- Alfred Angelo catalogues

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