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Default Re: Renaissance of the blonde (article)

I like the fact that the article describes this as the "renaissance" of the blonde, especially given the posts on this forum that have demonstrated how the fair-featured look was idealized in the Renaissance, and in other eras:

I especially love this passage in the article:

In mythology and fairytales BHBE [blonde-haired, blue-eyed] characteristics are ascribed to heroines, while their enemies are dark and ugly. Blonde hair also has magic powers: strong enough to use as a rope ladder in Rapunzel and as a powerful aphrodisiac in Pelléas and Mélisande.

I'm also fascinated by the many terms that the article uses to describe the characteristics of fair-haired beauties:

-"wide-ranging appeal"
-"zingy and upbeat"
-"safer/happier/less threaten[ing]"
-"appealing to a lot of tastes, it’s a classically beautiful look"
-"forces of good, honesty and trust"
-"bathed in radiance and light"
-"wholesome-looking girls with flaxen manes who will reassure rather than shock the consumer"

It's encouraging to see the above qualities being presented as desirable, as something that the fashion industry is now actively pursuing. For too long fashion was concerned with the opposite. It explicitly wanted to be "threatening," to "shock" the public with ugliness/edginess and UNwholesomeness in the extreme (think "heroin chic"), until "shock" itself became tired and shopworn and cliche.

Now the qualities of being "wholesome," the "forces of good, honesty and trust" are being celebrated again. It's an encouraging sign, and I hope that this marks an overall turn in the culture.
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