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Default Letter to the editor

I was pretty impressed by this - a lengthy letter to the editor that some fellow in Kentucky wrote to his local newspaper, decrying the way in which the fashion industry brainwashes women into starving themselves

Here are the highlights:

The Day The Women Said: “NO!”

It is my belief that the fashion and beauty business is actually run mostly by people who hate women. That may seem odd, but let me see if I can justify that claim. Look at the models at almost any contemporary fashion show. Never mind what they are wearing. Instead, ask this simple question: Do they look healthy? If you think they do, then you need glasses more than a new wardrobe.

The idea behind a model’s being so skinny is that her body won’t distract the viewer from the clothing she’s wearing. Anyway,that’s what the designers say is at the heart of the current super skinny fashion scene.

It wasn’t always that way, of course. A stroll through any fine art museum will reveal the changing ideals of womanhood throughout the ages.

By today’s unhealthy standards, the women painted or sculpted by artists from the ancient Greeks and Romans to Renaissance masters like Peter Paul Rubens and Titian were anywhere from pleasantly plump to chubby to downright f**. Never mind that men throughout history have found such women very attractive. Today’s fashion police would tell those ladies: “Lose weight, honey.”

A question I always ask myself is: “Who’s telling me this?

I wish women today would ask that question of those who dictate what passes for defining today’s “beautiful” woman. Who are the people making these decisions?

A second, and perhaps even more important question women should ask is: “Why should I listen to them?

What if women just decided one day to say “No” to the whole lot of fashion designers, hair stylists, make-up artists, cosmetic companies, shoe creators, hat fabricators, accessories peddlers, and all the other “experts” who tell women how they should aspire to look? What would happen if women just did what they liked, dressed however they wanted, and became comfortable in their bodies just they way they are?

Whatever the economy might suffer from all the fashionista’s being suddenly out of work would be more than compensated by the reduction in health related issues arising from women trying to look like the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine. Gone would be the sad, anorexic scarecrows of the fashion runway. The women-hating sadists who designed spike heeled shoes and boots would be out on their bony behinds. The laboratory chemists who come up with all the chemicals that become lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, blush, toner, and all the rest might have to go back to trying to find a cure for cancer or the common cold.

The effect of a women’s revolt against the fashion and beauty business is dizzying to contemplate. But remember ladies—you do have the power. All you have to do is say “No!” to those who make their fortunes by making you feel inferior for not looking like the ridiculous “ideal woman” they foist upon you. If women were ever able to tell the misogynistic, woman-hating gurus of fashion to take their cruel, crazy, freakish concepts of women’s beauty and stick it where the sun don’t shine—we would live in a brand new and better world...

A model’s or actress’s life is, in a way, a study in misery. You are not allowed to eat. You are judged only by your appearance. You are made to feel bad should you ever gain any weight. “The camera adds ten pounds.” You must be “perfect” in the eyes of someone who doesn’t really love women anyway. This bizarre sickness of spirit is what is passed on to an ever younger audience of girls who are told to aspire to this look on every magazine cover relating to fashion, beauty, or being sexy.

It’s all so hollow and sad when you really look at it.

The result of this mass-indoctrination is a vast legion of female “slaves” to impossible and unhealthy “ideals.” The role models for today’s women are sick, starving, and—to me at least—ridiculous looking. Most of this foolishness comes from designers who don’t love women anyway. What they do love is the money their little con game generates for themselves. Like so much of what dictates how we live, the fashion business is really only about the money.

I say spend your money on things that are healthy and fun and necessary.

My message is: Ladies, why not just let it go? Stop trying to look like something Nature never intended you to be. Don’t take your cues from phonies who don’t like you, and who make their living by making you feel inferior. Deny the fashion business all their destructive power. You’ll live a longer, happier, healthier life. This world will change dramatically for the better on the day women summon up the courage to say “No!” to all the crafty parasites who get rich making women feel inferior and unhappy with how they look. Curves are beautiful, which is why there are no perfectly straight lines in nature. Can’t we let women look like women for a change?

I appreciate the fact that he contrasts the modern starvation standard with timeless ideals of full-figured beauty. Also, his central point - that the people who have imposed the anorexia look aren't even attracted to women - is crucial. It's a theme that has come up on this forum before, and it's well worth keeping in mind.

I wish more people, men and women, would raise their voice about this subject whenever and wherever they can.
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