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Default Re: Careers & dieting making women infertile (article)

I hate to say this is NOT revolutionary. Look at Hollywood. How many of those understarved women are getting IVF? Do I have to mention names? It's obvious that if you take your body f** below a certain level, your reproduction will suffer. You take it below a natural level and your breasts will disappear. (This will, in America, mandate silicon replacement.) I have seen horrors among female fitness competitors who tan their skin to a crisp, and decide to get their chest pumped full of silicon when they are at 8 percent body f** and you can count a six-pack on their abdomen. Does that seem natural? Can we outsmart a human genome that hasn't changed in 10,000 years? Miscarriages abound in Tinseltown, and not one less-than-heterosexually-motivated Hollywood pundit declares that this is a contradiction in biology. Wonder why, hmmm? Does it take a rocket scientist?
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