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Default ''Is fashion over skinny?'' (article)

The article seems overly optimistic to me, but the premise is good, and it contains some fine sentiments. rPath=home


Is fashion officially over skinny?

Thursday, 28 May 2009

So how did curves become hip? Looking back at the late 1990s, the era that coined the phrase “heroin chic”, increasingly emaciated girls were paraded down catwalks with sallow skin, grungy hair and slept-in eye smudge.

Size zero came next. Equivalent to a UK size 4, it was trumpeted as the holy grail for the truly stylish and the badge of the terminally hungry...

Yet today, the idea that women across the nation are coveting starving figures seems at odds to the fact that the average woman in the UK wears a size 16. It’s getting harder to justify aspiring to look exhausted and sickly now, particularly as curvacious glamazons such as Christina Hendricks of Mad Men are under the spotlight.

So what’s changed? Perhaps in the notoriously fickle word of fashion, skinny has simply run its course.

Bored with bones, the trend machine is craving softer, more rounded flesh. And think of the beauty buzz words of late – illuminating, fresh, natural and organic.

Perhaps the body zeitgeist is embracing balance and femininity wrapped up in the sort of womanly form that nature intended.

Lana Brown at Thursby’s Aspire Lifestyle Centre believes a healthy body is slowly replacing a thin body on women’s wish-lists.

If you believe you must be thin, ask yourself who says you must be so and why?” she says...

Lana said one visiting make-up artist at Aspire who works with London’s top fashion houses also reported something of a sea change. “He told me that at his last fashion show it was obvious that the top designers look at bigger models now. They realise that size zero is not a healthy image.

“We can divide women’s bodies into shapes – 63 per cent of British women are pear shaped. Whether you are a size six or a 26, you can’t change your basic body shape however much you torture yourself through dieting.

I don’t like the word diet. Just think about the first three letters of the word.

“How attractive you are is not about size. It is about how confident you are as you move throughout your day.”...

...“Don’t wear baggy just because you have curves. You need clothing that draws attention to your waist because it creates an outline to show off those curves.

“I also like to show off my shoulders too.”

Kelly, 27, believes it’s all about knowing your best features whilst accepting yourself as a whole. “My legs are my best feature,” she said. “So I like to wear short skirts. And I love bright clothes too."
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