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Default Re: An afternoon with Kailee O'Sullivan

Thank you so much for posting this! I just finished reading Kailee's profile, and I LOVED it. She's exactly how I always imagined she would be from her pictures. She comes across are very sweet and endearing- incredibly nice, but also extremely interesting. She's also very, very intelligent- well beyond her years. Plus, seems completely genuine, not like she's putting on a media front but is speaking right from the heart, openly and honestly. I love that.

For me the aspect of the profile that really stood out was Kailee's personal journey from self-consciousness to confidence. I think SO many women can relate to that. I never imagined that someone as pretty as she is would ever have the concerns about her appearance that she did when she was younger. That makes her so relatable. (It also shows just how terrible the effect of the media can be, even one someone who you'd think would be immune to it.) But that made it all the more gratifying to read how she overcame those concerns and now has so much real confidence, that she finally learned to really appreciate her own beauty. That makes her inspirational!

I absolutely love the moments when she admits that she really does look gorgeous or "princess like" in her pictures.

And her observations are extremely insightful. I love when she says

I think that plus-size women, they’re beautiful because they are very feminine [...] Lately I’ve been very interested in the portrayal of women in the media, and society even, realizing that women are feminine by nature. We need to represent that instead of shunning that, and shunning curves and flesh
She really is an incredible role model for girls today, inspiring both through her ideas and through her beauty.
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