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Default Re: An afternoon with Kailee O'Sullivan

I agree 100% about how inspiring Kailee is. This is the most enjoyable profile I've yet read on this site. Kailee sounds like a really wonderful person. I loved everything she said.

I especially appreciated how strongly she comes down against dieting and body-diminishment, and how openly and enthusiastically she describes her love of food. She speaks about it with real pleasure:

I believe that you should be able to eat whatever you want, but eat it slowly, and enjoy it, and relax about it, relax about food
I just did a shoot for Gourmet Magazine, and we got to eat. Just simply eat. And they said, ĎOkay, just eat.í It was two girls, and two guys, and they said, ĎOkay, just eat, and weíre going to shoot you.í It was amazing.
Thereís that assumption that French people are not friendly, but to me they were just so friendly. And the food was great.
itís important to send the message to embrace your natural body, and to enjoy food. I think thatís so important: to enjoy food. I could see that definitely when I went to Europe and travelled. I mean, food there is a part of life. They donít shun it. They donít talk about diets. Itís not in their vocabulary. The word Ďdietí is not in their vocabulary. Itís not in their mind. So I think more important than anything is to give a message to accept your body, or embrace your body, enjoy food, eat what you want

It's so encouraging to have a model saying these things! I wish many girls, especially younger girls, would read her words and take them to heart. Then maybe they could experience the transformation that Kailee did and learn to love and appreciate themselves as much as they should, and "relax about food," as she said.
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