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Default Re: Careers & dieting making women infertile (article)

Further to this topic, as reported below, a new study has confirmed what has been common knowledge for years: that far from making women's lives happier, feminism (and the destruction that it has wrought on society) has actually made women miserable.

Here's the link:

And the text:

Why does happiness elude modern women?

By: Meghan Cox Gurdon
Examiner Columnist | 5/27/09

Over the last four decades, American women have got almost everything the feminist movement promised. Lucky us! Are we happy now?

No, we are not. All across the industrialized world, wherever egalitarian feminism has sprinkled its fairy dust, women report that they are considerably less happy and satisfied with life then were their benighted, patriarchy-oppressed, apron-wearing sisters of yore.

“The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness,” a new study conducted by Wharton academics Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers, finds that the happiness of Western women has been steadily declining over the exact period during which egalitarian feminism has supposedly been delivering the goods.

Given the shifts “of rights and bargaining power from men to women in the past 35 years, holding all else equal, we might expect to see a concurrent shift in happiness towards women and away from men,” the authors write.

However, they have found, “measures of women’s subjective well-being have fallen...”

How can this be? After all, didn’t feminism achieve what it wanted? Women are today not just free to pursue education, but now actually outnumber men on university campuses.

Women are not simply going out to work, but are in a position to exude wisdom and empathy from the highest levels of government and commerce.

Women are not only able to control their fertility, as radical feminists demanded, but today girls too young to vote are considered old enough to prescribe themselves the morning-after pill.

And it turns out that all this success – or “success,” depending on your degree of irony – has not made women happier.

Nor, of course, has it satisfied the ever-complaining feminist-industrial complex so brilliantly mocked by critic Camille Paglia as “a jumble of vulgarians, bunglers, whiners, French faddicts, apparatchiks, dough-faced party-liners, pie-in-the-sky utopians and bullying sanctimonious sermonizers.”...

The findings are striking. Before egalitarian feminism came along and substantially rewrote everyone’s scripts – in courtship, job expectations, domestic satisfaction, purpose in life -- women reported greater contentment than men.

To conservative critics of feminism, and indeed to dissident feminists like Paglia, none of this will be remotely surprising.

The anecdotal experience of millions, along with the analysis by women such as Christina Hoff Sommers, Mary Eberstadt, Danielle Crittenden, Barbara Dafoe Whitehead, and Kay Hymowitz, all confirm what the Wharton academics discovered: Far from enhancing the lives of modern women, in many respects the feminist movement has diminished women’s happiness and satisfaction.

This shouldn't surprise anyone. Those "apron-wearing sisters of yore" weren't "benighted" or "oppressed" at all. In fact, women of two or three generations ago were happy and fulfilled, because they were living according to their natural inclinations, and because gender relations were in harmony with essential principles. Today, when women run their lives against the grain, against their own needs and desires, no wonder their lives are miserable.

The astonishing thing is that as ridiculous an ideology as feminism ever managed to win as many converts as it did.

But perhaps it's not so astonishing. After all, women are similarly brainwashed into starving and gym-torturing themselves, often at great expense. (Just imagine: paying for starvation. It's sheer lunacy.)

Yet happiness is there for them, waiting, if they ever want to reach out and take it: happiness in a traditional, loving relationship with a man who worships them, and happiness in eating whatever they want, and as much as they want, and enjoying their natural curves.
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