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Default Re: An afternoon with Kailee O'Sullivan

Originally Posted by M. Lopez
I especially appreciated how strongly she comes down against dieting and body-diminishment, and how openly and enthusiastically she describes her love of food. She speaks about it with real pleasure
Yes, definitely. Many, many things in this profile of Kailee inspired me, but those were probably the most enjoyable moments of all. I am so glad that at least one plussize model unashamedly acknowledges her love of food, and doesnt equivocate about it.

I really enjoyed the part where Kailee discusses her own images. Ive never read something like that in any model interview before, not as a whole separate section anyway. It was really interesting to learn what Kailee thinks about her own work, and to hear some behind-the-scenes secrets. She is such a bright and perceptive girl.

But I canNOT believe that Modern Bride didnt publish her bridal editorial! Those images are not only among the most gorgeous of Kailees career, but among the most beautiful that any plussize model has ever created. Ever. It was the perfect editorial, and would have given the world a more exciting impression of curvaceous beauty than ever before.

And I really appreciated seeing Kailees "Simply Be" videos again. Theyre amazing. Its very convenient to have them together on one page for easy viewing. Those are probably the best fashion videos that any company has ever produced, thanks to the way Kailee looks and moves. And the outfits were very flattering on her figure.
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