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Default Gallery tour with Kailee

Here, at last, is the second part of my Valentine's Day interview with Click agency superstar Kailee O'Sullivan.

For years, fans have wanted to know more about this dazzling young beauty, and the first section of this chat delves into who Kailee really is--her likes, dislikes, and her personality as a whole. Miss O'Sullivan is very frank and candid about her character traits and inclinations, and admirers will be captivated by the revelations that emerge from this discussion. Music, food, travel, beauty, romance--it's all covered here.

In the second section, Kailee answers several challenging questions about size-celebration, about the fashion industry, and more. Fans who were already awed by her intelligence in the first part of the interview will be doubly impressed by her thoughtful and perceptive observations.

And in the final section, Kailee tours the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and shares her reflections on some of the greatest masterpieces of Western culture. Rest assured, this is the most compelling part of the entire interview, as Kailee reacts to a host of artworks that mirror her own full-figured beauty. Art and fashion collide as a muse of the present encounters muses of the past, and the synergy of the experience points the way forward to the aesthetics of the future.

Modelling for Anna Scholz, spring/summer 2009:

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- Click here to read part two of the interview

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