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Default Re: A gallery tour with Kailee

There is something utterly perfect about this narrative. The concept of a plus-size model responding to works of art that depict timeless beauty -- it's an ideal scenario, and I'm thrilled that it actually happened.

I can picture the scene in my mind -- it's as if one of the models from the paintings stepped out of the canvas, and joined the interviewer right there in the museum.

And Kailee's specific observations about the artworks are truly fascinating. I'm not surprised that she interpreted the paintings in such original and insightful ways. The interview as a whole demonstrated her intelligence. She claims not to be a "super-smart bookworm," but I think she's brilliant.

I especially love the fact that she zeroed in on the plus-size aspects of the goddesses in the artworks (their "feminine hips"), and celebrated those as beautiful traits. If someone cannot appreciate full-figured beauty in others, they cannot appreciate it in themselves.

Oh, and I already said that she was cultured based on the first part of the interview, but I'm even more convinced of that now. Goodness, she even sings opera. I would love to hear her sing an aria, or a classical soprano song.
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