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Default Re: A gallery tour with Kailee

I was very happy to read her positive comments when she discovered a male figure in the Winterhalter painting:

She gazed at it intently, then observed, “It’s clear that there’s a man in the background, kind of peeking in.” [...]

“That says something,” she asserted about the presence of the male figure. “He is intrigued, obviously.” [...]

“And if the guy could be in the background, that would be awesome,” she appended. “I love that, because obviously the artist didn’t just put him in there for nothing. He’s showing them how sexy they all are, how intriguing.”

We live in a society that has taught women to devalue male appreciation, but Kailee is an independent spirit, and isn't the prisoner of any ideology. She sees that it's natural to appreciate beauty, and she shares that appreciation herself. Yet another reason to admire her.

I was also impressed that when she was asked what she looks for in a guy, she didn't say "money" or "power" or GQ-ness, but "honesty." That's a very mature and wise answer.

She really is an "old soul." I got the sense that she is privy to timeless knowledge of all kinds - timeless beauty, timeless art, a timeless love of nature (instead of urban modernity), timeless relationships between people.

The interview read like a real conversation, and while reading it I had the feeling that I was there in the moment. Kailee is a remarkable young lady.
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