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Default Re: A gallery tour with Kailee

What I think is especially wonderful about Kailee is that to anyone who reads this profile, she redefines the concept of a "model." She completely turns around the negative image of a model, (a negative image produced by the straight-size fashion industry,) and redefines "model" as something inexpressibly wonderful.

Think about it: Most people's impression of a model is of some "heroin chic" mess, an emaciated girl addicted to narcotics, perpetually starving, leading a brain-dead existence of gym torture by day and seedy urban nightlife by night. Basically, a tragic ruin of a human being.

Kailee shows what a whole different kind of model, a plus-size model, can be. This idea of a "model" is:
-someone who loves classical music (opera), great literature, and high art, and can discourse in an eloquent and original manner on these things
-someone who adores food, and indulges in it freely
-someone who is successful and capable in the modern world, but rejects modernity and modern values and embraces timeless ideals
-someone who prefers touring a museum to reality television
-someone whose idea of travel is discovering the Old World and appreciating its culture, not lying comatose on a beach getting skin cancer
-someone who values modelling as a way to undo the damage (to women's body image) that is done by the other kind of model, the anorexic model
-someone who, far from resenting or rejecting beauty (as political ideologues do), is both personally extremely beautiful (a cheerleader even) and appreciates beauty

That's the kind of model girls should aspire to be. That's the kind of model mothers could feel good about encouraging their daughters to be. It's the new, unmodern concept of a model - and it's a stupendous improvement.
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