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Default Re: A gallery tour with Kailee

I like how both parts of the interview end with a section that discusses pictures; so at the end of the first part, "Modelling," there is a conversation about Kailee's greatest modelling pics, and at the end of the second part, "Art," there is a conversation about the museum's greatest paintings. That's a nice parallel. It reinforces the idea of plus-size-model images as being similar in nature to works of art, both celebrating the same ideal of beauty.

I also like how, just as the art discussion includes several paintings of "light beauty" and several of "dark beauty," the modelling discussion also includes that kind of polarity, with several images in which Kailee looks sweet and doll-like, and several in which she looks darkly sensual and alluring.

She is so versatile and multifaceted in her interests, and she is similarly versatile as a model; she has an absolutely amazing range, to go from dark to light to all emotional notes in between.
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