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Default Re: Kelsey for Alfred Angelo

Fans of Kelsey Olson (i.e., every single aficionado of plus-size beauty in the world) will not want to miss the July/August issue of Brides magazine.

The issue contains another stunning new Alfred Angelo ad featuring everyone's most beloved young goddess.

One can hardly conceive of a more breathtaking depiction of full-figured beauty. Kelsey's happiness verily radiates from her. This is the joie de vivre that girls possess when they eschew starvation and indulge themselves freely, avoiding gym-prisons and exercise-torture in favour of blissful relaxation and leisure.

Kelsey's limbs look sensually soft and plump. Her buxom curves are elegantly yet seductively displayed by the opulent bustier. Her voluptuousness obviously captivated the photographer, for in this image, he photographed Miss Olson from the side, deliberately to exhibit the intoxicating fullness of her figure.

No dress design could be more effective in showcasing the attractions of the curvaceous feminine form than this gown, its strapless and sleeveless design offering the viewer a heady view of the bare expanse of her neck, shoulders, and upper body. Like the frame of an Old Master painting of Venus, the gown is primarily a elegant border, for it is the soft skin of the model's disclosed figure that captivates the heart of any viewer who looks upon her.

The model creates the persona of the archetypal bride (an archetype that resides deep in the human heart)--the pampered, spoiled princess addicted to ease and pleasure whom her suitor will worship in perpetuity. Note the pink lipstick, a girlish touch that plays up the model's youth. And as mentioned before, the idyllic setting establishes the perfect mood for the image, offering the promise of a dream-world of play, of sandy beaches, cool water, and soft grass--the very environment in which such beauty deserves to exist.

This entire Alfred Angelo campaign, and this image in particular, captures the very essence of timeless beauty, with the setting and wardrobe harmonizing with the incomparable feminine grace and allure of Kelsey herself.

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