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Default Re: Shannon Marie: Seventeen

Originally Posted by HSG
It is truly extraordinary that the magazine kept featuring Shannon even after she became authentically full-figured--and as the preferred girl in a competition with a typically emaciated model. The magazine clearly was overawed by her sheer loveliness. This suggests that, were there more plus-size models with Shannon Marie's degree of beauty, the fashion world would have no choice but to acknowledge them.

This is so true! That's why it's just tragic that Shannon Marie put her career on hiatus. What a missed opportunity for the industry! If she had continued, she could have been the breakthrough model everyone has always hoped for- the one who would have proved to everyone, to the whole world, that plus-size is more beautiful than minus-size.

I still remember a line from the posted transcript of her appearance on Good Morning America, somewhere around the year 2000, when the presenter said, as Shannon came out, "No one is going to say that she's not a beautiful girl." And she was right.

In this Seventeen picture, Shannon is every bit as gorgeous as in her Mode pages. I just adore her round, doll-like face. It's such a welcome relief from the harsh, angular faces that you seen in fashion these days. She really embodies the timeless look.

And she looks so vivacious, so full of life. She energizes that entire picture. When you're looking at the photo, your eyes go right to her, and you can't look away, just like the GQ can't. You totally get why he would choose her over the other girl in a heartbeat.

She's mesmerizing.
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