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Default Re: Shannon Marie: Seventeen

Originally Posted by HSG
Think about that for a moment: You are looking at, quite literally, the most attractive model whose likeness has ever been captured on film.

It's easy to fall into superlatives when describing the beauty of the models featured on this site, but in this case, the praise is no exaggeration. If there is a more beautiful model ever photographed, then I certainly haven't seen her. Shannon Marie sets a standard of beauty that no one else can match.

And the interesting thing is, that picture doesn't represent an "alternative" reality in which curvier girls are preferred over emaciated ones. Rather, that picture represents TRUE reality, the reality of the actual world in which we all live. Only in the artificial, unreal world of fashion/media would there even be a question of "curvy vs. skinny." In the real world, a curvy girl as gorgeous as Shannon would win the heart of any man she desires, and the underweight girl wouldn't even get a passing glance. She'd be invisible - just as she is in that picture.

The media world is the fictional reality, while that image (singularly, for a fashion picture) depicts truth. It represents actual human preference for timeless beauty over modern androgyny.

In fact, if the media depicted beauty authentically, then the rare and seldom-seen element in that picture would be the undernourished model, not the radiantly voluptuous Shannon. Skeletal models would be unheard of, while plus-size beauty would be the norm (as it is in actuality).
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